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About Us

Founded by Veterans of Public Safety and the Armed Services, the Raytom Group’s mission and founding principal is to provide relevant, efficient, and practical training to elite men and women who are tasked with the perilous duty of keeping the public safe.

The Raytom Group conducts all training and consulting services through Mobile Training Teams (MTT’s). Our MTT Instructors are specialists in the field of EMS, Combat Medicine, Fire Services, Wilderness Medicine, Tactical Medicine, Registered Nursing, Law Enforcement and Incident Command Systems. We pride ourselves on coordinating with stakeholders from Federal, State and Local municipalities to develop and deliver on-site accelerated, measurable, and certifiable training.

The Raytom Group’s instructional staff has delivered specialized accelerated training to over 5000 providers from hundreds of public safety agencies across the world, meeting and exceeding all EMS standards and requirements set forth by United States Department of Transportation EMT-Basic National Standard Curriculum DOT HS 811077c in an accelerated real-world applicable format.

To ensure that graduates of our program receive the most out of their training experience, all courses are customized to meet specific unit tactics, department/agency culture, and S.O.P’s. This is accomplished in part by training in the provider’s environment and through extensive course planning with project stake holders.



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