Accelerated EMT Pipeline 

Certified EMT’s as a solitary skillset or career path is a thing of the past. Starting with the fire service incorporating EMT’s as an additional function to meet the public needs we now see more and more agencies deploying cross trained certified EMT’s into the ranks of Law Enforcement, private security firms, rescue teams and corporate disaster response teams.    

EMT’s provide on scene emergency medical care for the sick and injured. EMT’s play a critical role in Public Safety systems by gaining access, stabilizing, and performing lifesaving functions.

Furthermore as the DOT continues to advance the EMT- B scope of practice the difference between EMT’S and advanced care in the field gets smaller. EMT’s of today have the knowledge and skillset to stabilize just about any serious situation. Whether its buddy care or responding to the public, gunshot wounds to a heart attack the fact is the public safety agencies of the 21st century need to have capable, knowledgeable and ready to deploy providers that can apply the art of saving a life.

Training and certifying EMTs within a Public Safety agency minimizes liability and confirms the public’s perception that uniformed providers of any responsibility or jurisdiction can and will provide lifesaving care.

The Raytom Group can deploy an MTT onsite at your location and fully tailor an accelerated EMT-B course that will meet the NREMT requirements.  We guarantee that our accelerated EMT course will be integrated into your team’s current mission and will be customized to meet specific unit tactics, department/agency culture, and S.O.P’s.

We can accomplish this training effectively under any time constraint. Including in as short as 14 days.