Accelerated Refresher

Re certification and maintaining certification isn’t an easy task for any agency. Often times Public Safety Professionals don’t have time to recent or add more training days to an already arduous training schedule.

The Raytom Group offers the ability to both initially train as well as track and provide the recertification needs for all certifications courses offered in an accelerated practically applicable format.

To ease the burden of tracking and scheduling The Raytom Group’s MTT support staff will work closely with your agency’s training officer to coordinate within every two years refreshers that will fully meet State and NREMT requirements.

Additionally, Refresher/ Re-Cert Courses are a “check the Box” type of training. We believe the opposite. Refreshers should emphasize, vet and build on an existing skillset.

The Raytom Groups dynamic hands on accelerated recertification courses are tailored to each agency’s mission and ensure that your agency will be ready to provide effective care.