First Responder/ EMR

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) recognized a gap in that most Public Safety Providers receive only (8 hours of advanced first Aid) and EMT’s, the next certified level (Emergency Medical Technicians) require 180 hours of training thus creating a (EMR) Emergency Medical Responder Certification.

The Raytom Group has found that the need for certified EMR’s crosses all branches of federal, state and local public safety agencies. We know that in today’s day and age the combination of a tangible and certifiable skillset that fully prepares Law enforcement, Fire Fighters and first Responders of all kinds to step up take action and confidently apply basic lifesaving skills is a force multiplier to the public we all serve.  

We have also found that Public Expectation and perception has driven the need for agencies to further develop and add new skillsets. The Raytom Group fully tailors EMR courses to ensure the EMR training is practically applicable to each agencies mission.

The Raytom Groups MTT can bring accelerated economical tailored EMR training to your organization and have your team trained, tested and ready to provide care in 4 days (48 hours).